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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

On civil partnership...

Well, what a historic few days! Gay couples have been getting married left, right and centre this week and about time, too.

Some people on the BBC News site's Have Your Say (See here..) seem a bit confused about the issue with some asking why straight couples can't have civil partnerships too - the answer, of course, is that they CAN - it's called a civil marriage and it is virtually exactly the same as a partnership. The only differences between the two really are that civil partnerships have to be between people of the same sex, and that they don't have to take place in public, unlike marriages.

Some even said that gays now seem to have more rights than straight people..Gay people don't have any more rights than straights, and neither should they have. Maybe more legislation has been required to ensure we don't get and ABUSED and INSULTED because of WHO WE ARE, but I'd say that was fair dos, myself.

Others have implied that as a minority we have been taking up too much legislative time lately, so what? This is our civil rights movement and these things take time.

7 percent of the population identified as being from an ethnic minority in the 2001 census. The government recently estimated that six percent of our population is gay. You can't see our difference. That's NOT an excuse to ignore it or abuse us because of it.


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