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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flat upside down

Why is it that when you leave things until the last minute (something I'm very good at), things invariably go wrong?

My Open Uni CMA assignment is due tomorrow. No problemo, I thought - real uni stuff out the way - nothing will stop me posting it today!

So I print out the questions and work out the answers like a good little student, and then what happens?

The fooking bit of paper you HAVE to mark your answers on has VANISHED. And I mean like stolen vanished. I've turned the flat upside down looking for it and it's NOT HERE. Someone actually came and NICKED it while I was out last week.

I had to phone my tutor and get him to make it out for me and post it on my behalf. He didn't sound pleased. I know. The sock muncher has escaped the washing machine and is instead starting a new career as the important-piece-of-paper-muncher. Gaah.

I am very ungruntled.


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