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Monday, July 14, 2003

So called kid's books...

I'm not normally one to bang on about the innocence of youth, but I came across a book in our library the other day. I read it and was completely shocked by its contents. The book was a Hollyoaks TV Tie-in and it was in the appropriate section in our reader programme (aimed at 11-12 year olds). Essentially, the story concerned the life of a character from the TV series, Luke and how his life falls apart after he is the victim of a male rape. Admittedly, not so shocking from my position as an adult, but the fact is that this book is marketed at younger children; the language is appropriate to their level, it's in the 'Children's' category on Amazon, and it's nice and short.

I'm absolutely convinced that the only reason we haven't recieved complaints from parents is that it's linked to a TV series and just doesn't look offensive or controversial.


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