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Thursday, July 24, 2003


Well, I've just officially been given the push from Rolf's site. I can't quite believe it really; they couldn't have chosen a worse time. I'm not even sure I would have considered going to uni and packing the day job in if I hadn't had that monthly cheque coming in.

Ironically, the main reason cited was that I wasn't available during the day enough. This wouldn't have been as much of a problem once I'd started uni I don't think.

I had wondered why every email from them had started mentioning intellectual property. I think the only warning I got was when someone said (while on the phone to me at work, with my mind elsewhere) that our host was taking over 'administration' - I assumed she meant of the shop software which we were having problems with. I certainly didn't think she meant the whole bloody site.

I've certainly got to rethink a lot of stuff. I've got a bank loan that costs me £160 a month, which I was banking on the Rolf account to cover.

I think the title sums up how I feel right now...Oh...


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