Random thoughts and rants.

Thursday, July 24, 2003


Well, I've just officially been given the push from Rolf's site. I can't quite believe it really; they couldn't have chosen a worse time. I'm not even sure I would have considered going to uni and packing the day job in if I hadn't had that monthly cheque coming in.

Ironically, the main reason cited was that I wasn't available during the day enough. This wouldn't have been as much of a problem once I'd started uni I don't think.

I had wondered why every email from them had started mentioning intellectual property. I think the only warning I got was when someone said (while on the phone to me at work, with my mind elsewhere) that our host was taking over 'administration' - I assumed she meant of the shop software which we were having problems with. I certainly didn't think she meant the whole bloody site.

I've certainly got to rethink a lot of stuff. I've got a bank loan that costs me £160 a month, which I was banking on the Rolf account to cover.

I think the title sums up how I feel right now...Oh...

Monday, July 21, 2003

Bikes and Wardrobes

Well, that's the bedroom all finished. It took ALL week! We basically did a wardrobe a night, then Sat/Sun was spend moving all the furniture around, clearing all the crap from under the bed and relocating it, touching up the ceiling and putting in those wall transfer things I bought ages ago. It's definitely been worth it, though. It just looks so much better it's unbelievable.

On the bike front, the bike lesson I had on Thursdat went really well - I had a great time and enjoyed it far more than I did the last one. So much so, I've booked a guaranteed licence course which means I have to take two lessons a week from now until I pass. Hopefully I should pass before uni starts so I don't have to worry about it anymore.

I've decided not to do direct access which means that when I pass the test, I'll be limited to riding a 33bhp bike for two years which isn't too bad. You can restrict bigger bikes, but I think I'll go for a 250 - probably something like the Yamaha XVS250 Drag Star custom at 21bhp (seen here: This has taken a bit of a load off my mind as I think that was what was worrying me so much about passing my test; I feel quite comfortable and confident on my 125 and the thought of going straight up from a 12bhp bike to a 50bhp bike was rather mind-bending.

Monday, July 14, 2003


Ooya. Blimey. Totty and I have just finished putting together our new chest of drawers. After man-handling the old furniture out of the house, we thought we'd got the hard bit out of the way. Two ripped patches of skin on my screwdriver hand and two hours later, the first piece is done. Only three wardrobes to go!

Me thinks it would be a good idea to skip the gym tomorrow and just get on with this; it's roughly the same in terms of exercise - certainly in sweat, what with the house being an officially designated sauna and that's with all the windows open and the ceiling fan on full blast.

Oh for the joys of Winter...

So called kid's books...

I'm not normally one to bang on about the innocence of youth, but I came across a book in our library the other day. I read it and was completely shocked by its contents. The book was a Hollyoaks TV Tie-in and it was in the appropriate section in our reader programme (aimed at 11-12 year olds). Essentially, the story concerned the life of a character from the TV series, Luke and how his life falls apart after he is the victim of a male rape. Admittedly, not so shocking from my position as an adult, but the fact is that this book is marketed at younger children; the language is appropriate to their level, it's in the 'Children's' category on Amazon, and it's nice and short.

I'm absolutely convinced that the only reason we haven't recieved complaints from parents is that it's linked to a TV series and just doesn't look offensive or controversial.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Sports 125s

I'm not sure why, but every sub-20 year old male learning to ride a bike always buys these awful contraptions. Slick, curvy and yet pointy looking, with mad paintwork and a riding position that means chiropracty is not so much an appointment you make as an on-going process. They look like they'll go a million miles an hour, yet make a noise like a cat farting down a length of pipe and have a restricted top speed of 65mph.

I think the people who buy these things probably end up as the 'just passed my test' idiots who wear go faster leathers and buy a Fireblade as a first big bike and wonder why a week later they've broken a leg or worse.


Why is it that everyone who bikes or looks at bikes thinks you should go fast? I don't like going fast. Apart from the fact that my bike will only do 65 on a downhill with a tailwind? It's just not safe! 50 is fast enough for me, thanks. I might feel differently on a more capable bike, I suppose, but at the moment the thought of a big bike scares the sh*t out of me. I'm undecided about whether or not to do direct access. I definitely want to pass my test in the next four weeks though, which is a bit quick. I'm going to book a lesson with Ride On on Monday - try them instead of BikeRite, which I don't like. Trouble is, BikeRite have still got a bunch of my money, which I hope I can get back if I decide to go with Ride On.